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(1) Please make contact with OMRON LASERFRONT INC. (hereinafter referred to as OLFT) using a “Contact Form” if you want to create a link to OLFT website. (This includes the display of OLFT website URLs directed to publications and the like that include magazines and books.) Note, however, that the absence of a reply from OLFT does not imply endorsement of the link(s).

(2) Please make contact with OLFT again using the “Contact Form” if there any major changes to the information on the linked website(s).

(3) Please direct all links to OLFT website to the home page

(4) When creating a link to OLFT website, please ensure our company name “OMRON LASERFRONT INC.” is displayed correctly.
(5) We refuse the following types of links or links that potentially come under the categories below.
Links to any websites that slander or abuse any of the directors or employees of OLFT or its affiliates.
Links from websites and other media run contrary to public order and morals, or links from websites that damage the reputation or status of OLFT.
Links such as frame links in a format that impair the clarity of OLFT website.
Links that would give rise to the misconception that OLFT was in some kind of partnership or had a cooperative relationship with proprietors of the source website, or links that would give rise to the misconception that OLFT knew of, or endorsed the source website.
Any other links deemed inappropriate by OLFT
(6) Even if OLFT initially endorses any links listed in item 5, there are occasions when requests will be made for their deletion.

(7) OLFT makes no guarantees or otherwise of the content of any websites linked to from OLFT website. OLFT does not intend to represent that OLFT and the proprietors of any linked website have a special relationship, nor does it intend to endorse or otherwise the products, services or other goods from these companies. When using the websites that have links to OLFT website, please check the conditions of use and policies that protect personal information and other relevant information.
Precautions relating to links from OLFT website to third party sites
Websites that display links from OLFT website are managed and operated according to the responsibilities of the respective corporation or individual(s). These websites are not under the control of OLFT.

OLFT takes no responsibility for any damage caused by using third party websites. Please use third party websites in accordance to the conditions posted on those websites while being mindful of your personal responsibility.

OLFT merely provides links to these websites for the convenience of its customers. It does not endorse the use of these websites, or the products, services or otherwise listed therein. Further, theses links do not necessarily indicate that OLFT has an alliance, cooperative venture or any other type of special relationship with the corporation or individual(s) managing and operating the third party website.
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